Dr Brooke Show #296 Navigating Holiday Eating With Grace Over Guilt

December 12, 2022

“Tis the season to be busy and surrounded by foods that may not work so well for you. Should you go all in cuz it’s only once a year? Swap out the sugar in your pumpkin pie for stevia and coconut sugar? Indulge and then beat yourself up for not having more willpower? Or simply say, whatever, I’ll try again January 1?

As you may imagine, I’m gonna say “it depends!” It really does. It depends on how easy it is for you to sidestep things that don’t work for you, your history with dietary restriction, how much they wreck you and why you want them in the first place. 

In this episode I walk you through the questions you can ask yourself to get #curiousovercritical about your draw to and cravings for certain foods, how to know if moderation or avoidance is best for you and how to enjoy them when the #joyfactor is high and skip the ones where it is low.

And here’s the link to my Gluten Free Holiday Menu as promised!

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