Dr Brooke Show #298 Empty Nest Syndrome with Celia Dodd

December 12, 2022

As a parent, children growing up is oh so bittersweet.  I am just now starting to adjust to the idea that I’m the mother of kids that aren’t babies or toddlers anymore. While my kiddos are not yet flying the nest, many of you have expressed anxiety and sadness about the upcoming transition for your parenting to kiddos leaving the house. In this episode I’m joined by journalist Celia Dodd, author of “The Empty Nest: Your Changing Family, Your New Direction” and “All Grown Up: Nurturing Relationships With Adult Children”.

We cover this issue from so many angles from how this impacts you, your spouse, your adult child, a sibling still at home, how this is different for a single vs. a married or partnered parent and more. Celia approaches this subject with compassion and we discuss how to handle the myriad of emotions from sadness to fear of the unknown to anxiety that your child may be farther away than they’ve ever been from you and the excitement for getting in touch with other aspects of yourself beyond being a mother.


I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did, although I’ll admit this interview made me anxious about my future for sure! Pointing towards work I need to do within myself to ease this transition for myself and my family – and illustrating that it’s not too early to listen to this episode! Even if you feel this phase of motherhood is a long way off.


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