Dr Brooke Show #307 Musings On MIdlife

January 24, 2023

Very vulnerable episode alert! This is not my usual style of show that typically hasa deep dive into the physiology of how your hormones work or an interview with a fellow expert or a how to episode that gives you lots of tangible takeaways. While I always strive to give you the answers to the questions you have, this episode is moe observations and a whole lot of questions. 


The midlife conversation currently is about hormones (to take them or not), how to look younger and the almost completely contradictory advice to embrace aging, age gracefully and simply be grateful for making it this far. This is not only contradictory but it is absolutely incomplete. 


Arriving at the middle in my late 40s has felt confusing, surprising, disappointing in some ways and incredibly stressful. I felt utterly unprepared to deal with the emotions and challenges of a new stage in my life, in my family’s life, in my parent’s life, in my career, in my body….all of it. So many questions and as I struggled I found that there is sadly woefully inadequate support out there and those how-tos that we all need to be able to navigate this immense transition. It felt like I stood in the precipice of this huge change and I was forced to jump in without a net. 


Yes there are some things that are clearly a whole lot better than my 20s but there’s a lot that wasn’t quite like I expected and a ton that wasn’t prepared to handle. So on my birthday I recorded this episode of my observations, the challenges and the questions I intend to find answers to so that we can all have the middle me magical and way less stressful. 


This is an episode I’d love your feedback on! Please reach out via email, Instagram or in Facebook group. I would love to know what your concerns, worries, fears and insights are around this dicey time!


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