Dr Brooke Show #309 5 Causes of Hot Flashes (hint: it’s not just estrogen!)

February 8, 2023

Hot flashes are often thought to be synonymous with perimenopause and menopause and while fluctuating and decreasing estrogen levels can be one cause of hot flashes and night sweats, it’s far from the only thing to cause them.  

Hormones and Hotflashes

And even the role estrogen plays with these symptoms is more complicated than just a lower estrogen level, as it can be complicated by low progesterone and how well you metabolize your estrogen. But we often forget the impact that blood sugar, stress and even thyroid hormones play in hot flashes. And what’s more: of course you can have more than one of these things going on! I cover it all here and help you make sense of all these variables so you can deal with this pesky symptom.

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