Dr Brooke Show #310 The Keepthings with Deborah Way

February 9, 2023
Dr Brooke Show #310 The Keepthings with Deborah Way

This episode is about loss and grief and the way we keep people we’ve lost living on with us. Do you have a special object or small item that reminds you of someone you love that you’ve lost? I have a lot, a whole lot! I’ve often said I’m the most sentimental person in the world, but turns out writer, former editor of O the Oprah Magazine, Ms. Debora Way has me beat!

About Deborah Way

After leaving the magazine world, Deborah combined her passion for writing, for stories and for sentimentality in a new project that lives on Instagram called The Keepthings. Her project collects stories of everything from a guitar pic to a recipe card to a flash drive to a special fork (the gravy fork, one of my fav stories) and what they meant to the people that just had to keep them.

What I love most about these stories is how they connect us all in a shared experience of losing someone we love. As well, with these stories we keep those we’ve lost alive in some way and allow others to know them as well. And all this connection and nostalgia boosts my favorite hormone, the antidote to cortisol: oxytocin!

In this episode, we discuss our favorite keepthings. I share my story of a sardine can from my grandparents farm as well as some other gems that Deborah has collected thus far.

Keep up with The Keepthings project here and DM Debroah if you’d like to submit a story of your own about something special from someone special.

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