Dr Brooke Show #312 Fat Loss Q&A

February 21, 2023

As a follow up to episode #311, on this show I’m getting into the details of various hormone conditions that make fat loss a more frustrating battle than usual. These include autoimmune or chronic infections that generate a lot of inflammation and fatigue. As well I talk about dealing with low thyroid and thus a slow metabolism, hypothalamic amenorrhea and some strategies to think about finding your perfect calorie or macro number.

And of course, I get into one super juicy question about the exact hormone changes that occur in menopause/perimenopause that we need to work with so differently when it comes to our metabolism than we did in our 30s. With all of these issues it can be harder – but it is not impossible! I cover a few levers to pull to move you toward you fat loss goal without wrecking your hormones.

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