Dr Brooke Show #314 Root Causes, Lifestyle Medicine & Myths About Autoimmunity

February 27, 2023
Dr Brooke Show #314 Root Causes, Lifestyle Medicine & Myths About Autoimmunity

Autoimmune is a big topic and women often fall into two categories: not understanding what they can do to impact their immune system and autoimmune issue OR they’ve been promised a cure or have been lured by a “root cause” and end up frustrated and still feeling badly.

Three States of Autoimmunity

In this episode I talk about signs of autoimmunity that might surprise you, the three stages of autoimmunity (hint: early detection and intervention is ideal!), why there are almost always multiple root causes as well as the biggies in terms of diet, lifestyle and exercise when it comes to living with autoimmunity – and how to use them to feel better!

This episode is followed up by a Q&A episode and my top ten reasons why your autoimmunity may not be improving despite your efforts – so tune in to the next episode as well!

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