Dr Brooke Show #317 Which Elimination Diet is Best For You?

March 9, 2023
Dr Brooke Show #317 Which Elimination Diet is Best For You?

Paleo, AIP, Carnivore, Keto, Low Histamine – what is best for you? Dietary elimination of certain types of triggers can be a really important part of your health journey but there are so many out there AND most importantly, they are meant as a tool and not meant to be a diet you live on forever – for the most part – or even meant to be the only tool you use.

Elimination Diets

They are a great way to uncover sensitivities, decrease inflammation and relieve symptoms but again, they should ideally be part of a more holistic plan to heal so that ultimately you can get back on a more diverse diet without symptoms. Because eliminating an entire food groups (i.e. carbs, gluten, grains, etc.) or larger amounts of types of foods (i.e. lectins, high histamine foods) is not only logistically and emotionally challenging, strict diets that are not diverse in various foods can impact our microbiome negatively as variety is key.

So understanding how and when to use various elimination diets, how to come off of them, what you should be doing in conjunction with an elimination diet and which one of the plethora you have to choose from is exactly what I cover in this episode!


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