Dr Brooke Show #321 Interplay Between Gut Health & Your Hormones

March 31, 2023
Dr Brooke Show #321 Interplay Between Gut Health

You’ve likely heard a lot about gut health and how it is a key foundation to your health and it’s absolutely true that gut health directly impacts hormone health. In this episode I get into the exact interplays between estrogen and your gut, how the microbiome as a whole impacts estrogen and a subset of bacteria known as the estrobolome have an even bigger impact on your estrogen levels.

I discuss knowing tested values like beta-glucuronidase which needs to be just right, not too high and not too low, in order for you to have healthy estrogen levels. As well I dive into how the gut and both thyroid hormones and cortisol interact. And because so many of us are dealing with diagnosed autoimmunity or have a positive family history of autoimmune diseases, I cover specific infections that are seen on functional stool testing that can be potential triggers for various autoimmune issues.

If you have any questions about stool testing or working on your gut health and hormones please reach out to me at


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