Dr Brooke Show #323 Using Virtual EMDR To Deal With Trauma, Stress & Anxiety with Jeff Tejcek

April 20, 2023
Dr Brooke Show #323 Using Virtual EMDR To Deal With Trauma, Stress & Anxiety with Jeff Tajeck

I’ve mentioned EMDR on several episodes when I’ve spoken of stress and trauma as it’s been one of the biggest needle movers for myself and my patients when it comes to behavior change. However, it’s often hard to find an EMDR practitioner in your location, that has a convenient time to see you or that’s in your budget -I certainly struggled to find someone and I know many of you have too! Enter Virtual EMDR that can be done from your laptop at any time that’s convenient for you. And most helpful in my opinion is that you can go to it when you’re in the thick of a tough emotion or a trigger, in real time and process it right then and there.

I found this resource online (by mistake actually, I share the story on this episode) and have been so helped by it that I knew I wanted to have creator Jeff Tejcek on the show to share with us how to use this software, how EMDR works and how easy it is to incorporate this profound tool into our lives.

I hope this episode gets this technology in so many of your hands! Please share this resource with any woman you know that’s struggling with past trauma, stress, anxiety or feeling triggered by the many stresses we face in our everyday lives.

Learn more and get access to Virtual EMDR here.


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