Dr Brooke Show #329 Aging,Cellular Senescence & Brain Health with Dr. Nick Bitz

May 10, 2023
Dr Brooke Show #329 Aging,Cellular Senescence & Brain Health with Dr. Nick Bitz

This episode is a fascinating interview with fellow ND and Bastyr graduate, Dr. NIck Bitz who is now part of product formulation at Neurohacker. We talked about my current favorite nootropic product Qualiamind BUT also we talked about the emerging concepts of aging. Nick does a fantastic job of explaining what exactly is cellular aging and what are the hallmarks of this process.

We talk about zombie-like cells that are known as “senescent” cells that can’t quite complete their life cycle and rope other cells into this unhelpful state. New research on aging points towards a few key compounds found in plants known as senolytics that will help clear up these senescent cells. As well, Dr. Bitz and I share our favorite senolytic lifestyle and nutrition habits as well to help us all age better. We wrap up the interview with exactly how to dose these senolytic compounds and supplements, which is unlike any vitamin you’ve ever taken so be sure to tune into this one!


Checkout more info on senolytics and other brain support from Neurohacker right here.

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  • – Energy [Coffeeberry®, theobromine, B vitamins]
  • – Clarity [L-theanine, alpha-GPC, huperzia serrata]
  • – Memory [Bacopa, ginkgo, rhodiola rosea, celastrus]
  • – Productivity [Velvet bean extract, N-acetyl-L-tyrosine]

It’s the only nootropic supplement made with a whole-systems approach, so it’s designed to elevate every part of your mind. So you can find it easier to slip into flow and break down the barriers between you and your goals. Weather you’re dealing with perimenopause brain fog or just wanted to get your mental edge back, you’ll love Qualiamind! ANd with this discount it’s too good to pass up! With this link you’ll automatically get 75% off the product AND if you enter code BETTEREVERYDAY you’ll get another 15% off!

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