Dr Brooke Show #330 10 Hormones That Impact Weight Loss & Metabolism

May 15, 2023
Dr Brooke Show #330 10 Hormones That Impact Weight Loss & Metabolism

In this episode I give you the rundown on ten different hormones that directly impact metabolism or they profoundly impact appetite and cravings. With the internet ablaze with the ongoing argument of: hormones don’t matter, only calories in/calories out matter vs. the “no all you need to do to lose weight is balance your hormones”, I’m sure you’re confused and worse you may feel lazy or shamed for wondering if your hormones are to blame.

I hope this episode helps you understand that both camps are right and both are wrong and most importantly, your hormones do influence behavior and metabolism directly so YOU are not wrong nor to blame here.

Metabolism alone is insanely complicated and that’s made more complex by female hormone fluctuations week to week or even day to day and certainly decade to decade. Add to that disagreement between medical professionals for how to best assess hormone dysfunction vs. overt hormone disease and compound it all by the effect hormones have on your ability to stick to any plan given how much they influence energy, appetite and cravings and we’ve got a lot to unpack.

All that said, this episode wraps up with super simple advice that will support all 10 hormones on the list AND will help you balance that calories in/calories out equation in a way you can better adhere to.


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