Dr Brooke Show #333 Do You Really Need To Take Supplements?

May 25, 2023
Dr Brooke Show #333 Do You Really Need To Take Supplements?

Oh my do I open a can of worms on this episode…..but it’s an important topic for many reasons. We do not all need all the things all the time and we do want our regimen to change with our changes needs in most instances. And we can’t expect a supplement to always get us out of hot water if we continue with habits that don’t work for us.

However, a popular IG account made a reel saying that your body can heal completely without the use of any supplemental support ever, ever. Worse, the tone of the video seemed to imply that if you are relying on a supplement or medication as part of your healing then you aren’t really doing all the necessary work. I call BS. Total and utter BS.

First, there are situations such as anemia or certain infections as examples where a medication or supplement I think are very, very important as part of healing. Next, there are countless examples of a supplement providing assistance to help you through a tough or challenging health condition such as autoimmunity or a period of ongoing stress – or certainly for female hormone issues like PCOS, endometriosis or perimenopause. The list goes on and I cover instances where an intervention with a medication or supplement may be exactly the right thing and other times when you can likely do it without.

But most importantly with this episode I wanted to clear up any notion that you are in any way weak or not doing enough for yourself if you have decided it’s best for you to utilize a medication or supplement that makes sense for your unique situation. It just isn’t always possible for all of us to remove all barriers to healing while we aim to live our lives and uphold our many obligations, and I wanted to be sure someone tells you that’s absolutely OK. LIkely we are all doing our very best right now so no judgment needed for you to do whatever is best for you.


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