Dr Brooke Show #341 All About GLP1 Meds (i.e. Wegovy, Ozempic, etc.) & Weight Loss

July 5, 2023
Dr Brooke Show #341 All About GLP1 Meds (i.e. Wegovy, Ozempic, etc.) & Weight Loss

Originally intended to treat type II diabetes, these injectable GLP1 drugs are now widely available (and quite pricey) as medications for weight loss – and they do produce weight loss! However, because these medications work on hormones that are secreted from the digestive tract, they of course have a host of gastric side effects that can make them unpleasant but again effective. When you look a bit closer though at the quality of the weight loss we see it isn’t such a magic bullet after all.

This means we are losing as much muscle as body fat, in some cases more and that’s about the last thing we want – especially as we get into our 40s. In this episode I talk about how these medications work, what can be done to counter this unwanted consequence or what to consider if you’re thinking about taking these meds. As well, I talk about a few other effects of these meds that we need to keep an eye on such as lowering HRV and raising resting heart rate.

These meds are definitely an options for a certain population but with women everywhere flocking to docs for GLP1 agonist prescriptions, it’s important to see past the number on the scale and understand what’s happening with your physiology. Finally, if these meds are right for you or you’re already on them, I cover the importance of having an exit strategy or next steps in mind for when you come off them as we clearly see weight regain when these meds are stopped. It’s a big episode!


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