Dr Brooke Show #352 Stop Trying to Find Work-Life Balance & Do This Instead

August 23, 2023
Dr Brooke Show #352 Stop Trying to Find Work-Life Balance & Do This Instead

I try not to play favorites with my episodes, but this is going down as one of my favorite episodes to record because I have found this framework so profoundly helpful. On this show I talk about letting go of the idea of striking a balance in life because this notion is nonsense and leave us always stressed and guilty because the truth is every day one are of your life will demand more of your time and attention.

Sick kid? Deadline? Going through a divorce? Up for a promotion? Training for an event or managing a flare up in your health? You have to be able to direct your resources where they are needed BUT to avoid the guilt of neglecting one area of your life for too long you have to have a system in place with checks and balances so that everything that matters to you gets your care when it’s needed and can sit on the back burner when something else needs your focus. The idea of the four burners is what I share in this episode and it’s the antidote to the stress of “balance”. Please share this episode with a woman who needs to hear it!

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