Dr Brooke Show #354 How To Get Started or Hit Restart

September 18, 2023
Better by Dr Brook Podcast Epsiode 354

Fall is in the air and often with a change of season or the end of summer fun we feel the need to “get back on track” or hit restart. Some of you may also be feeling like you’ve been meaning to get started for a long time now but just can’t quite make it happen. This is usually the time when we want to grab a quick fix or a 30 day plan or do a juice fast or a detox. All of these things *can* be helpful but they can also be overwhelming or not quite what you need for the long haul. Let’s face it, we’ve all done a lot of 30 day plans!

In this episode I go over the easiest ways to get started or get started again, the habits that matter the most and small, low effort shifts you can make for often better results than a full diet and lifestyle overhaul.


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