Dr Brooke Show #356 Omics, Root Causes & Branches of Health with Andrea Nakayama

September 20, 2023
Better by Dr. Brooke Episode 356

Root cause medicine is all the rage if you follow any functional medicine experts and while that is an important part of treating you as a whole, root causes are not the only thing we need to think about.  My guest on this episode, functional nutritionist Andrea Nakayama, so beautifully talks about the roots but also the branches, the various systems and terrains of our body and lifestyles. She also shares the developing science of omics, the reason some of us react differently to foods, medicines, supplements, viruses, etc. than someone else. Andrea also shares much of her journey with her own health as well as the loss of her husband and how her experiences with autoimmunity and her husband’s cancer have shaped the way she sees functional medicine and health.

Learn more about Andrea’s work here.

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