Dr Brooke Show #372 Transformation, Grief & Going Onward with Dr Karin Louise, PhD

December 1, 2023
Dr Brooke Show #372 Transformation, Grief & Going Onward with Dr Karin Louise, PhD

In this episode I have an amazing conversation with Dr. Karin Luise an expert in change and transformation. We talk a lot about becoming better after loss including after losing relationships such as a marriage. She’s gone through a very public divorce and ultimately wanted to help women go through the evolution of ourselves as our identity changes from in a partnership (friendship, business partnership or marriage) to on our own.

We also talk about spiritual awakenings when you’ve come from a religious background where things can get a little messy as you grow and expand your spiritual practices. It’s a juicy one and covers a lot of ground I’ve not discussed in previous shows.

To learn more about Dr. Karin click here.

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