Podcast: #381 Four Key Aspects For Exercise for Women (Especially after 40)

January 20, 2024
Episode #381 of Better By Dr. Brooke Show speaking about women and exercise.

WHIP: walking, heavy weights, intensity and plyometrics. That’s my system for the four things we need to have covered with our exercise training program as women. This system becomes more important with every passing year – and for a variety of reasons, it can be harder and harder to do! It may be finding the time, lack of know-how or fear of injury, waning motivation or simply not understanding the benefits these four aspects give us.

I cover all of that in this episode including how to know if your weighs are “heavy enough” and a phased approach to incorporating plyometrics – and how that move in particular can really enhance our livelihood as we age. It’s all about power and agility and we need that more and more yet many of us are lacking this aspect from our training.

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