Sarah & Dr Brooke #187 Sacred Cow: Why Well Raised Better Meat Is Good For You & the Planet with Robb Wolf and Diana Rodgers

October 21, 2020

Right now the world feels very polarized on so many things including the longstanding debate on red meat being dangerous, what are the best protein sources for humans and how much do you really need per day, as well as if meat and cattle can be part of a regenerative and sustainable food and farming system. From celebs to popular health experts, the vegan diet debate is ever raging, but is a plant based diet the answer?

To answer these questions with science and humor, we are so lucky to have registered dietician Diana Rodgers and NYTimes Bestselling author of the Paleo Solution, Robb Wolf with us to discuss their new book (and upcoming documentary) Sacred Cow. Buckle in, this is a long episode but so very good!

It will help you understand this complex issue so much better both for your own health and to help answer those tough questions about why we need protein, why animal protein is superior (even if not from those perfect pastruced, grass fed sources sources) and the amount we actually need to thrive.

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