Sarah & Dr Brooke Show #209 Make 2021 Magical

February 1, 2021

2020 was one for the books in every way. So much struggle, so much strife yet so many important lessons and amidst the bad there was good also.

I for one feel very much like a chapter is ending and a new one is beginning. That sense of completing a cycle was so strong I reached out to Mallory Leone to talk me through the energetics of this time in our lives and we had the most fun, interesting, hopeful conversation. I hope this show takes you into the new year ready to make some magic and create something incredible that makes you and your life better.

Mallory is the founder of Four Corners Studio, an online offering of magical education, kits and tools, and unique 1:1 energy healings rooted in lineage techniques. Learn more about her work here.

And let’s kick of 2021 in the healthiest way possible!

Join me for the Hangry Hormone Reset which kicks off January 6, 2020! You’ll get five weekend and TEN sessions with me! This is double the coaching I’ve ever done in these groups. Get all the details and get registered right here!

What a great way to make 2021 BETTTER!!!

This episode is sponsored by BluBlox makers of the most effective blue light blockers on the market (that block 100% of the light that impacts your cortisol and melatonin timing) which are available with or without a prescription as well as a new fav of ours, their computer eye strain glasses called Blulite – great for adults and kids! BluBlox also has glasses called Summer Glow for seasonal affective disorder and their new red light therapy box: the Hive.

Check them all out at and save 15% off your first offer with code: BETTEREVERYDAY at checkout.

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