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Based on your answers it’s likely you’re dealing with insulin resistance and blood sugar trouble. Insulin is a key metabolic hormone – one you can master.

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It’s Not You: It’s Your Hormones

Dealing with Insulin resistance means that you have difficulty clearing out sugar (as well as vitamins and other nutrients) from the bloodstream and getting it into your cells for use or storage.

Insulin is essential, but when your cells don’t head its message (i.e. they are resistant to it) you will have a harder time burning fat and your cravings for sugar and starch will be on high – leaving you feeling like you have no willpower, but it’s not you: it’s your hormones.

Knowing BETTER is the first step, doing BETTER is the next step – and you’re already on your way.

Start doing better today by incorporating the step-by-step Insulin Resistance Protocol to help your metabolism work more optimally meaning: less cravings, more energy and easier fat loss. It also means better hormone balance overall as insulin is a key metabolic hormone that will affect many other hormones.

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