Top Tips From Top Trainers – Make 2011 Your Fittest Year Ever!

January 11, 2011

Fitness professionals can make it look all too easy to be in great shape. What I can attest to with this group though,  is that they all walk the walk. They work out hard, eat well and consistently make good choices when it comes to staying active, taking care of themselves and continuing to be healthy. And that’s inspiring! Lucky girl that I am, I get to be inspired by these great trainers every day since they are both friends and colleagues of mine at Peak Performance gym in NYC. As we all try to make 2011 a fit and healthy year, I asked them to share their best  get or stay in shape tips: Joe Dowdell owner of Peak and my co-author for Ultimate You says, “Schedule your workouts like appointments. Put them right into your calendar like you would any other meeting.” One of the things I hear most often is that people are too busy to make it to the gym, you pencil in a haircut in order to make that happen, right? Do the same with your workouts – even if you don’t have a trainer, schedule it in. Same goes for meals. Many of my patients simply get too busy and forget to eat. Schedule in those 5 small meals per day – and your workout  – so you are reminded to take care of yourself. Matt McGorry is one of my favorite trainers and favorite people. Read an interview I did with Matt after his body building competition, where we talked about what’s possible when you are simply compliant. Matt says, “To keep injury free and healthy, foam rolling should be as much a daily habit as brushing your teeth.” Get a foam roller from Perform Better and make it part of your pre and post workout routine. Many trainers feel this is even more important than stretching. It can be painful at first, but eventually you’ll really look forward to this practice – it’s sorta like self massage. It will keep you able to keep working out hard. Sarah Petroski is a trainer and yoga teacher who says: “High quality, organic food is my Prada bag. It’s where I spend my extra money cuz I deserve it!” This may be my favorite of the tips ever! We love the best when it comes to clothes, cars, shoes, etc – why settle for less than the very best when it comes to what you put in your mouth? It costs more but the benefits are more than worth it when it comes to your health and you waistline. Holly Rilinger, one of the buffest bods at Peak and Flywheel Spin Studio across the street, reminds us to “Not only set goals, but write them down!” January 1 you’re clear on your goal, but it fades. You’re often clear on your goal first thing in the morning, but come coffee break time you scarf down a muffin only to feel guilty afterwards.  Write down your goals, post them on your mirror and fridge, but more important: carry them with you in your wallet. Pull them out and review before meals, snacks, a night out with friends and when you try to talk yourself out of going to the gym. Finally, my trainer: Joe Larson says “Fitness should be fun.” Sounds about right for a comedian, huh? But he’s right. We take the gym, the diet, and all that goes with it so serious. We need to remember to have fun while we’re working that hard. If we dread the gym, hate eating vegetables and feel restricted, obligated or stressed, then we’ve turned a healthy thing like working out or eating well into one more thing to worry and be unhappy about. So while you might not love every exercise, be sure you’re doing some activities you enjoy and keep a positive attitude about the ones you don’t.  Here’s to a very fit 2011!

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