Dr Brooke Show #316 5 Different Types of Stress Responses

March 4, 2023
Dr Brook Episode 316 on Stress Response

Changing our approach to stress has been a big part of my message these past few years because stress is inevitable – and some stress is even good for you. The problem many of us have is of course, unrelenting, continuous stress without recovery.

Stress and Recovery

As well our only response to a stressful situation is fight or flight, full sympathetic mode fueled by adrenaline and cortisol. What most of us don’t know is that fight or flight is just one of our possible stress responses that we can have. Sometimes it will take therapy or treatment (of a variety of types) to be able to make a more conscious choice to respond to stress differently, but the first step is knowing that we have options. And some of those options are a really powerful move for you that will allow you to grow from stress, create something from the stress and allow that recovery post stress that we all need.

In this episode I cover five different types of stress response, the particular biochemical and hormonal cocktail they release and ways to be more intentional about way we respond to stress.

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