Better Everyday Episode #19: Pregnancy, Pre & Postnatal Expert Jessie Mundell

October 19, 2016

Baby rattle roll please…….it’s pre and post-pregnancy expert and fellow GGS Advisory Board member: Jessie Mundell! There’s so much to love about this lady but perhaps most of all is her down to earth, don’t stress about it, never losing her mind sensibilities about training and motherhood. While Jessie is an expert at helping moms get healthy and fit before, during and after pregnancy (you can follow her own mommy shenanigans here) and we do touch on pelvic floor and abdominal separation healing in this episode (way more on on this topic in episode #6), today we focused on all the other pregnancy “stuff”.  We share our birth stories ranging from home birth to medicated hospital delivery to emergency C-section and we dive into the stuff your girlfriends seem to forget to tell you about like the myriad of concerns with using the bathroom after delivery, what you REALLY need to bring to the hospital and how to handle the “fourth trimester” of no sleep, a unique blend of terror and bliss and getting back to exercise – and hear how poor Jessie managed to nurse and care for a newborn with an IV in her arm for an infected C section scar! The range of normal in pregnancy, delivery and motherhood is HUGE! We hope this episode helps moms to be and new moms feel better prepared for what lies ahead and seasoned moms relive those magical, crazy experiences of delivery and baby-hood.

Learn more about Jessie and her programs on her website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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