Dr Brooke Show #304 The What, How and When of Muscle Protein Synthesis

January 19, 2023

When it comes to protein, some women simply need to focus on it as a staple in each meal and other women are mindful of protein but are often quite surprised they are eating about half of what they need per day. When it comes to wanting to build lean muscle mass, boost your metabolism, improve insulin sensitivity (thus overall hormone balance) or just have more energy we need our lean muscle. Because of this we lift weights and eat protein right and it turns to muscle? Not quite. Turns out triggering muscle protein synthesis (AKA building muscle) requires us to be a bit more precise in how much and how often we eat protein – but once you know this, it’s actually quite simple to get it done!

In this episode I talk about the leucine trigger for muscle protein synthesis, dig into what all this protein looks like in real meals like soups or stirfrys or chili vs. a chicken breast on a salad and when during your day you can capitalize a bit extra on building more muscle.

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