Dr Brooke Show #388 The Power of Amino Acids For Women with KION Founder Angelo Keely

March 13, 2024
KION founder Angelo Keely here to discus amino acids and women

I am thrilled to have KION founder Angelo Keely back on the Dr. Brooke Show to discuss some powerful new research on amino acids. It’s kinda funny that protein is something I talk about allllll the time on the show and amino acids are not new supplements by any means BUT new research helps us understand just how powerful this simple supplement can be. And we discuss some unique ways to use them in order to harness their power even more.

In this episode we talk about a new ISSN statement that shows a 6X benefit of amino acids alone vs. a protein powder. Which is not only fascinating but also amazing in that so many of you struggle to find a protein powder that works for you! Angelo and I cover the findings of this paper as well as some powerful ways to use amino acids throughout your day – including with meals which is brand new info so you’ll want to check this episode out!

KION Amino Acids

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If you missed my last interview with Angelo you can hear that here as well as these two other episodes referenced in the show:

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