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Better Everyday #70 How To Eat & Train If You Have PCOS & A Deep Dive Into PMDD

In this episode we covered several unique aspects of both nutrition and exercise for PCOS. Perhaps most importantly that you have to honor your unique PCOS metabolism in addition to other hormonal imbalances such as cortisol, thyroid, you filter through any dietary and training advice. We also take a close look into PMDD – […]

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Better Everyday #69 Omegas for Cramping, How To Transition As Our Kids Grow Up & Should You Workout Fasted

In this episode we answered a question about how to use omega 3 and omega 6 (evening primrose oil specifically) to treat menstrual cramps, what’s the most menses-friendly diet and what may be underlying your painful periods. And we’ve all had – or fear we’re about to have – that moment when we look in […]

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Better Everyday #68 Elimination Diets, Getting Sick & Crying After Exercise

On this episode we talk about how to utilize elimination diets like a 30 Day Paleo Template to find out more about what foods work for you. We cover when you need to stick it out longer than 30 days and what else to consider like a gut healing supplement regimen and testing for food […]

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Better Everyday #66 Wine Drinking & Other “Bad” Habits & Are Your Really Bored At The Gym?

We covered a complex, juicy question from a listener about her daily glass or two of wine. Should she give it up? We discussed all angles of this conundrum from nutrient deficiencies, to stress management to doing what really matters TO YOU. This discussion of course applies to wine, staying up late, sugar or any […]

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Better Everyday #65 Sarah & Dr Brooke Reflect On Recent Events, What Vitamins to Give Your Kids, Managing Very Heavy Periods & How To Handle Feeding Your Kids Differently

In this episode we shared our overwhelm and how we’re handling our emotional hangover from recent events – both public and personal. Sometimes life gets pretty heavy and it can seem hard to balance the weight of the bigger world’s problems and those in our own tiny personal universe, but they both matter. We also […]

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Better Everyday #64 Dr Trevor Cates On How To Get Clean Skin From Within

Beautiful skin, we all want it right? Well we got the expert on flawless skin! Dr Trevor Holly Cates, author of Clean Skin From Within joins us on this episode and we got the low down on the best ways to simplify your beauty regimen, her advice on which ingredients are the main ones to […]

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Better Everyday #63 All About Essential Oils With Dr Mariza Synder

This is perhaps our most lovely episode yet. We had the beautiful Dr Mariza Snyder on to talk about how to use essential oils from both a clinical and practical perspective. Dr Mariza is a Functional Medicine Physician with a specialty in women’s hormones and author of the Smart Mom’s Guide To Essential Oils – […]

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Better Everyday #62 Body Beliefs with Jason Seib

Reunited and it feels so good! So many of you have mentioned that you miss the dynamic duo that was Sarah and Jason on the JASSAFIT podcast so we got the man himself on our show! Jason is best known for his AltShift Diet but has a passion for helping women go about their health […]

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Better Everyday #61 Is Not Getting A Period A Biggie, Alcohol & Sugar Cravings and Is Low Free Testosterone A Deficiency Or An Excess?

Answering your questions in this show including how big a deal is it not to get a period after coming off the birth control pill and why your SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin) can stay elevated for years after taking the pill creating low free, active sex hormones across the board. We also had a […]

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Your Guide To Your Period

Most woman experience a a period without understanding what the amount and quality of flow mean, how spotting can indicate low progesterone or an infection or what can seem alarming about a bright red streak of blood mid cycle when it's actually totally normal. Part of our every day life, woman sadly haven't been taught how to read the messages their period sends them.

Your Period: What Does It All Mean? Ladies, if you’re reading this blog post I’d venture to say you’ve had a least a couple of periods in your lifetime. And I’d also bet that things have happened related to your period that confused or worried you but you didn’t know if you should ask around […]

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