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Better Everyday #64 Dr Trevor Cates On How To Get Clean Skin From Within

Beautiful skin, we all want it right? Well we got the expert on flawless skin! Dr Trevor Holly Cates, author of Clean Skin From Within joins us on this episode and we got the low down on the best ways to simplify your beauty regimen, her advice on which ingredients are the main ones to […]

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Better Everyday #63 All About Essential Oils With Dr Mariza Synder

This is perhaps our most lovely episode yet. We had the beautiful Dr Mariza Snyder on to talk about how to use essential oils from both a clinical and practical perspective. Dr Mariza is a Functional Medicine Physician with a specialty in women’s hormones and author of the Smart Mom’s Guide To Essential Oils – […]

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Better Everyday #62 Body Beliefs with Jason Seib

Reunited and it feels so good! So many of you have mentioned that you miss the dynamic duo that was Sarah and Jason on the JASSAFIT podcast so we got the man himself on our show! Jason is best known for his AltShift Diet but has a passion for helping women go about their health […]

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Better Everyday #61 Is Not Getting A Period A Biggie, Alcohol & Sugar Cravings and Is Low Free Testosterone A Deficiency Or An Excess?

Answering your questions in this show including how big a deal is it not to get a period after coming off the birth control pill and why your SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin) can stay elevated for years after taking the pill creating low free, active sex hormones across the board. We also had a […]

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Your Guide To Your Period

Most woman experience a a period without understanding what the amount and quality of flow mean, how spotting can indicate low progesterone or an infection or what can seem alarming about a bright red streak of blood mid cycle when it's actually totally normal. Part of our every day life, woman sadly haven't been taught how to read the messages their period sends them.

Your Period: What Does It All Mean? Ladies, if you’re reading this blog post I’d venture to say you’ve had a least a couple of periods in your lifetime. And I’d also bet that things have happened related to your period that confused or worried you but you didn’t know if you should ask around […]

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Better Everyday #60 Natural Headache & Pain Relief With Neurologist Dr Trupti Gokani

Functional neurologist and guest of The Dr Oz Show, the lovely Trupti Gokani, MD joins us in this episode and it was amazing.  Her unique blend of Ayurveda, Functional Medicine and neurology gives such cool insights into common issues so many of us suffer with including poor sleep, headaches, waning memory, anxiety and brain fog. […]

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What’s Causing Your Breakouts?

Acne is not only a troublesome symptom but a sign that your hormones are out of balance. It is also a beacon from your internal chemistry that you're dealing with inflammation and likely eating the wrong foods. If you have PCOS it is also a clear sign you're dealing with androgen overload or hypersensitivity.

Acne: Is It Your Hormones Or Your Diet? It is both.  Your hormones and diet that is. Despite the dermatology party line, “the cause of acne remains unknown” or acne is a vague condition of “hormonal imbalances”, we know a lot actually about what causes acne – and what can help clear up your skin. […]

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What Is Making Your Hair Fall Out?

Losing hair is among the most distressing of all symptoms I see in my office. It can create an extreme amount of stress and guess what’s bad for hair loss? stress. But that’s just one of the multiple reasons you could be losing your tresses. Most women that are concerned about hair loss are taking […]

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How Alcohol Affects Your Hormones

Alcohol has profound effects that ripple throughout your metabolism. While many of us love a good glass of wine it can wreak havoc on our waistline, skew our hormones in favor of excess estrogen, increased insulin resistance and elevated cortisol. This can leave us with inflammation, insomnia, excess appetite and cravings as well as increased health risks.

How Alcohol Affects Your Female Hormones & Metabolism Wine, cocktails, good times, girlfriends, relaxation, summer fun, Holiday cheer – they all conjure up good times and put a smile on most of our faces.  It is called HAPPY hour after all! Since it’s synonymous with fun, it is no wonder why most women are wondering […]

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Better Everyday #59 How To Make Your Family Healthier When They Don’t Want To Be, Problems With High Testosterone & PCOS and How To Choose Supplements

First, thank you all so much for your support after last week’s tell all episode – we love you guys! In this episode we’re answering your questions which are always so good! We tackled a very big problem: what to do when you want to eat healthier and you want your family to eat healthier […]

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